Welcome to Apollo’s Tree Farm and Nursery

We have a wide selection of trees to grow with.

We are a “by Appointment Only” Nursery for onsite purchases. Located near the intersection of Golf Club Rd and Argentine Rd, in Howell.

Call 810-534-7248 to schedule an appointment.

You can find us weekly at the Hartland Farmer’s Market, Located in front of Rural King, Saturday’s starting May 8th.

All of our trees are less than 1 ½” Caliper and are intended for gift-giving, growing with your family, marking a new birth, remembering a lost loved one, or finding a great bargain. They range in height from 2 ft. to 7 ft. We look forward to helping you choose the right tree for your landscape or gift.

Perfect for: Memorial Tress, Dedication Tress, House warming presents

Perfect sizes available for gift giving, showers, and party favors.

Apollo’s Tree Farm and Nursery

Grand Opening Friday, May 7th

Our Nursery is a small seed of an idea growing rapidly into a full production tree farm and nursery. We have been loving every step of this adventure into the propagation, planting, and nurturing of trees from start to landscape ready.

We specialize in a variety of boxwood and maples, including Japanese maples.

Apollo 2020

Welcome to our Adventure.
It’s sure to grow on you.
Bryan, Janet, and Apollo.

We enjoy talking to people and sharing our experience with our trees. Now we look forward to getting to know you and exchanging ideas through our trials and errors.

Whether you are looking for information for your personal landscape or want tips on getting started with trees for hobby or profit we hope to be a valuable source.

Our Trees

Our trees and shrubs are grown in biodegradable root pruning bags. This makes it easy for planting with minimal risk to the tree at any time of the year. Simply make 4 cuts along the sides of the bag and place them in your prepared location. We will give you details about your tree and tree care at the time of purchase. All products are guaranteed for 1 year; no questions asked. If there is continued difficulty with your tree or plant, we will help evaluate the planting location to improve future growth success and ensure your product thrives.


Autumn Blaze

Autumn Flame


Sugar Maple

Silver Maple

Japanese Maple

Red Japanese Maple

Emperor I

Inaba Shidare



Arborvitae Green Giant

Boxwood Green Mountain

Boxwood Green Velvet

Boxwood Vardar Valley

Hydrangea Tardiva (Bush or Tree)

Potted Perennials

In addition to our trees we will offer perennials during spring and early summer including:



Gaillardia Blanket Flower

Burgundy Blanket Flower

Rudbeckia Cone Flower


And more