About Us

Apollos Tree Farm and Nursery LLC is a small backyard Nursery that officially launched in 2018. Janet has been growing perennials and planting trees since 1980 when her Dad brought home 500 seedlings for their 8 ½ acre property. She liked it so much she proceeded to research pruning and caring for the trees, the old-fashioned way; in a library. Now 38 years later, Janet is pursuing that passion in a bigger way. The Nursery growth plan is developed and we will be growing and learning with our customers, colleagues, trees and inventory for years to come.

Janet and Bryan Bondie developed the “start small, start local” concept while on assignment out of the country. While in the desert we noticed how valued trees and green spaces were to the locals and came to value this ourselves; along with gaining a deeper appreciation of what we have here in Michigan. We had considered a Christmas Tree Farm to start, but Janet wasn’t keen on only growing trees for cutting. She wanted to start with more variety and legacy value. After much research and asking what we could be passionate about we are starting with maples and boxwoods. The maples for the shade and beauty and the boxwoods because Janet has an artistic streak she’s hoping to use as she develops topiary designs down the road.